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Never Trust a Geek with your precious memories!

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Why Geek Busters?                                                    

1)  Employee Screening

2)  Qualified Technicians  (not sales people)

3)  No Attitudes

Many "Geek" Services do not properly screen their employees. At Geek-Busters, we thourghly screen our employees and have strick service agreements in place to protect you and your privacy.

"Fast Squad Tech" services often try and sell you expensive software and solutions you may not need. They are commision based sales people. At Geek-Busters, we don't sell anything so you can count that our advice will be with your best interests in mind.

Although they're very smart, our technicians are trained Customer Care representatives.  You will never recieve the "IT Know it All" Additude.

- Antivirus Prevention

- Malware Removal

- Hardware Repair

- Wireless Networking

- Software Installation

- User Assistance

- Printer and File Sharing

- Remote Backup

- Data Recovery

- Disaster Recovery

- Web Services

Anti Virus

Tune Ups
Enhanced Performance


Emergency Computer

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Welcome to, Home & Office Computer Repair.  Our trained and experienced staff can get you off and running by providing you with Fast, Reliable, & Affordable Customer Support.  We can help you with all your PC and Apple needs.
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